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  • Nursery to Grade 5

    Sunday School Nursery to Grade 5

    Children Ministries classes are provided on Sunday Mornings during the main service at 10:30 a.m.. If you are a family visiting with us for the first time please enter the church area through the glass doors. You will see a Visitor Check In counter where you can register your children for Children Ministries. If this is your home church please register your children in the lobby area, just right of the stairs when you arrive.

    Nursery (ages 2 and under)

    Location: First room to your left after exiting the sanctuary area heading into the main hallway.

    Drop off/Pick Up: Please remember to keep your child tag that you received during check in. You will be handing in your tag when you are ready to pick up your child.

    Contact: If during the service the nursery workers need to contact you, your tag number will appear on the projector screen at the front of the church.

    Kinderchurch (ages 3 to 5)

    Location: Held in the meeting room, enter the double doors at the front of the church.

    Drop off/Pick Up: Identical to the Nursery procedure.

    The children will be provided with a play time to interact and socialize with other children their age followed by a bible story and craft time.

    Grades 1 to 5

    Location: Upstairs at 940 Dundas St. When entering the main hallway, walk to the end and open the door to your right which leads you upstairs.

    Drop off/Pick Up: Once the announcement for Sunday School appears on the main screen the children line up in the hallway and are lead to the Sunday School area by one of the Sunday School volunteers. The parent must come to pick up their child in the Sunday School area and the children will only be released to the parent or the deginate as indicated on the child's label.

    The children have bible lessons, crafts and memory verses. Emphasis is placed on instruction in God's word, prayer and worship.

    For children's safety a peanut free snack is provided for all classes and we respectfully request that you do not send snacks with your children.

    In keeping with our commitment for your child's welfare all adult volunteers have had background checks.

    For further information please contact the church office at 519-438-6005.
  • Intermediate Grades 6 to 8

    What is it?

    The Open Door Intermediate Sunday School Program ministers to Intermediate students (grade 6-8) with a vision to provide our young people with a solid foundation in the fundamentals of biblical education. The program runs over a three year period with each of the three years having a distinct focus. In Year 1 we focus on the Old Testament Scriptures providing students with a historical overview of the major characters and themes in the Old Testament. In Year 2 we focus on the New Testament Scriptures providing students with a basic overview of the Gospels, the Message of Salvation, and the letters of the New Testament written to encourage and strengthen believers. In Year 3 our focus is on the Church, providing our students with an overview of what it is, how it's structured, and our roles within it.

    When and Where is it?

    The Open Door Intermediate Sunday School program runs during regular service time from 10:45 a.m. to 12:00 noon for most Sundays.

    Where is it?

    We meet on the 2nd floor of 920 Dundas St.

    Who should I contact?

    For more information about the Open Door Intermediate Sunday School program call our church office at 519-438-6005.
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