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  • Congo

    John Zembwe is our Missionary in The Democratic Republic of Congo. BRIEF HISTORY John Francis Zembwe is a Canadian of Congolese origin. He was born and grew up in Uvira District, in South Kivu Province in the Democratic Republic of Congo. John received Christ and was baptized at an eary age. Since that time he served the Lord through different ministries including singing in the choir, evangelism, preaching and teaching the word of God through his local church. John and his family are part of the Open Door Christian Fellowship family since 2007. John and his wife Nabita have eight beautiful children. LIFE IN CANADA On June 7, 2005 John and his family immigrated to Canada settling in London, Ontario. They were looking for a church to call home. While being in a park they had a conversation with someone who told them about Open Door Christian Fellowship. They came and decided this was their home. In 2009 John started to be involved in mission trips to Africa. From that time on John continues be involved in being a missionary to the Democratic Republic of Congo. Currently he is involved in the church planting ministry. UPDATES John has shared some updates with us on what he has been involved in. He has also added some prayer requests. John is currently connecting with friends, connecting with government officials asking for cooperation with Open Door. John is looking into purchasing land where a church will be built and is looking to rent a house to be used by the church as well as himself. After connecting with friends they have now started a bible study and a prayer meeting. John is also establishing an Open Door Centre which will be organized as a church and a centre to provide meals to street people once a week and at the same time will get an opportunity to teach them the word of God and lead them to Christ. Please pray for the following: Pray for Nabita and family Pray for Open Door Mission in Kinshasa Pray for peace in the Congo and a faithful government that will care about their people and fight the corruption Pray that people may change their lives and come to Christ in The D.R. Congo Pray for the land where we will set up our activities Pray for my friends and the prayer group we have started Pray for women and young girls who are regulary and daily abused and raped in the Eastern Congo Pray for our daily needs as well as financial needs for both the family and the ministry.

    Pictures taken July 2014:

    IMG_0235 - Copie IMG_0234 - Copie IMG_0221 - Copie IMG_0218 - Copie IMG_0048 IMG_0047

  • Ethiopia

    About Dagim Almow Dagim Almow attends Open Door. He is the International Founder of Horco (Hope for Rural Children and Orphans) in Canada and he is an Evangelist and Church Planter focusing on mostly the western part of Ethiopia. When Dagim was a child he and his family did not have a personal relationship with Jesus. At the age of 12 years old Dagim became very ill and the doctors were unable to help him. His Grandmother had a dream where either an angel or Jesus spoke to her informing her to take Dagim to the American Missionaries who were in the area. An American Evangelist prayed for Dagim and he was instantly healed from all his sicknesses. Dagim immediately received Jesus. He was the only in his family and his tribe who did so. That was a very difficult time where Dagim received much rejection from the Communist government and his family. At the age of 14 Dagim was kicked out of his home and had to survive on his own. A little later he met a young Christian family. The husband was in prison for being a Christian but had been released; he and his family did not have a place to stay. Dagim and his friend built a hut in the jungle and lived there together. That was where the first full gospel church was planted; now there are more than 2,000 churches in the province. In 1983 Dagim became a full time evangelist and church planter in Ethiopia and Sudan. The Communist government kicked out the missionaries and Dagim started developing the underground church, evangelizing and discipling. In 1986 he was in and out of prison many times then escaped from prison and asked for asylum in Sudan. He lived in a refugee camp and evangelizing where he lived. Five years later the Communist government fell and Dagim travelled back to Ethopia starting to church plant and evangelize once again, a great revival broke out, it just happened! At the time they had 40,000 church members in all of Ethiopia now they have more than 12 million born again members! In 1995 Dagim travelled to Canada to marry his fiancé, Denku, who he met at the Sudan refugee camp. Dagim and Denku have two children. In the year 2000 and continuing on today Dagim frequently travels to Ethiopia to train and evangelize in the western part as well and some of the northern sections of Ethiopia. The Western part of Ethiopia is 95 per cent dominated by the Muslims. Dagim met Getachew Yemene the founder of the Ethopian Horco project (Hope for Rural Children and Orphans) at a church meeting in 2000. Getachew told Dagim his testimony. After that they became friends praying together seeking what God’s will is. The Holy Spirit gave them the go ahead as well as direction to continue the project. After that they received help from the Canadian government and Canadian Christian friends. Please click on the below link to find out more information about HORCO. Dagim is also involved in the Ethopian Evangelical Church in North America the following link will give you more information. Please pray for Dagim, his family, the work he does and the project. Please visit our site for further updates. Pictures of March 2014 trip:

  • Lost and Found International (Bill and Tammy Woods)

    Lost and Found International:   See pictures below of the ODCF team mission trip July 2014.

    photo 5 photo 4 photo 3 photo 2 (1) photo 1 (2) IMG_20140726_123243259 IMG_20140726_120630501_HDR


  • Other Supported Missions

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