Heavenly Rewards for Earthly Service

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“I am coming quickly, and My reward is with Me”

God has a plan and purpose for every believer and He has

given each person gifts to serve God, serve others, and build

His kingdom. How we serve God on earth will determine the

level and depth of intimacy we will experience with Him in

Heaven and how we will serve God throughout eternity.

The rewards Jesus spoke of will be given as we stand before

the judgment seat of Christ. This judgment will occur

following the rapture of the church. Jesus will graciously

reward us for how our lives contributed to God’s kingdom.

This booklet is meant to be an encouragement to spur

believers to grow spiritually and to build up a heavenly

account filled with rewards, crowns, inheritances, and

promises for overcomers. There is still time to prepare for

this very important future event, and to hear Jesus say, “Well

done, good and faithful servant.”

If taken to heart and acted upon, this message can be life-

changing with glorious and unimaginable eternal

consequences. It has practical applications for our

lives—right here, right now!

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