Freedom From Sin

Freedom From Sin     We are currently living in an age where sin is literally flowing through our streets like open sewers…   We should not be surprised or shocked by sin   Jesus was never shocked by sin… “wow, can you believe he/she did that?!”  ...
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Principles of Discipleship

Principles of Discipleship – March 2018   There are a few fundamental questions that we all want answers to….is there a God? Does he know me? Is he really involved in every little area of my life? What’s His opinion of me? What happens when we die? Do I have a purpose...
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7 Essential Steps to Growing in Maturity Part 2

7 Essential steps to Growing into Spiritual Maturity  Immaturity fosters unrest and frustration  Spiritual Maturity brings us into a place of rest and growth  Spiritual Maturity takes us from a place of blind faith and naivety and brings us into a place of living, dynamic faith...
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Advancing the Kingdom of God – Walking in Joy

Advancing the Kingdom of God – Walking in Joy      We have a lot to be thankful for and to rejoice in today!   Today is another opportunity to rejoice in the freedom that has been made available to us!   This is a day that the Lord has made, we should rejoice and...
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