Back Pain

I woke in the night with a sharp pain which rapidly spread from side to side and then up my lower back. Medication and heat rubs brought no relief and I went to work anyway. By Saturday evening, though I had planned to go to the church service, the pain was excruciating even without movement. Yet a thought persisted, “just go and listen.”
Arriving late at church I held the railing with two hands, slowly moving one foot down a step followed by the next. It was a slow and painful process but there was no one in the foyer so I could take my time.
Then the pastor approached me and said, “You are in pain.”
“Oh, yes!” I responded.
He asked, “May I pray for you?”
“No thanks, this is just life.” I said.
Pastor being a vessel of the Lord, persisted,” But the Lord wants us to pray for each other.”
I agreed and Pastor began to pray for my healing and clapping his hands together in his customary manner. By now others were coming through the church doors and finishing his prayer Pastor began to greet people.
I entered the glass doors to the sanctuary and moved toward the news board looking for some information. Pastor returned and asked me how I was feeling. Remaining quiet for a moment, L focused and made a movement. Somewhat in shock I said “I feel fine!” I was stunned. Then Pastor asked me to do something I couldn’t do earlier. The thought entered my mind to touch the floor. So I did! After standing back up I said, “I was in constant pain and to move was excruciating. You saw how I came down those steps!”
Then Pastor asked me to go up and down the steps again. I pushed open the doors. No Pain. I walked up the steps. Then I thought I would run up and down the steps. Now it was really sinking in what had just happened. I just kept praising and thanking the Lord.
Pastor asked me if I wanted to give a testimony. I hesitated for a moment thinking of being in front of so many people. Just as quickly I thought I wanted to share this blessing I had received from the Lord. People need to hear of His wonders even if I do ramble nervously. We have a holy, loving, wonderful, caring God! I was so excited that night I couldn’t sleep. My heart was filled with thanksgiving for His blessings to me.


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