Donna Fawcett – Healing From Knee and Ankle Injuries

On March 3rd, 2019, Donna Fawcett tells her testimony of getting healed from her knee and ankle injuries.

“Four years ago this coming May, while on a walk with my grandchildren, I fell and dislocated my knee and ankle.  The dislocation was so bad that it shredded some of my calf muscle and put me on crutches for six weeks.  Two times a week I was having both joints relocated by a chiropractor/sports therapist and she said the damage to both joints was severe.  By October, I was still limping badly and had to have weekly adjustments to keep the joints stable enough to walk.  One Sunday, I watched Howard playing with his granddaughter after the church service.  He was down close to the floor as she scrambled under the chairs.  I jokingly said, “If I tried that, I’d never get up again.”  Howard asked me why and I mentioned that I was still struggling with my knee.  He immediately said, “Let’s pray.”  He offered up a request for healing and then asked me how it felt.  I shrugged and said I wasn’t sure.  I had seen too many people get caught up in the adrenaline of the moment only to have the injury return to the way it was before the prayer so I didn’t get excited about it.  I went home and went on with my week.  By Thursday, Howard emailed me and asked me how my knee was and that’s when I realized I had to have been healed.  I’d forgotten all about the prayer until that moment and then realized I had been carrying laundry up and down stairs that moment.  For months stairs were a challenge and I never carried anything up and down them.  I also realized that I had no pain and I hadn’t been limping all week.  That afternoon, I had a chiropractic appointment scheduled for my weekly adjustment so I decided to keep it and see what the chiropractor had to say.  She asked me how the leg was and I said, “You tell me.”  She examined it and clearly showed a puzzled look on her face.  She said, “It’s like there was never anything wrong with it.”  I then told her that I had been prayed for and God healed me.  She didn’t know how to deal with that but the next day, I started running again on my treadmill.  I’m now up to three miles a day and no pain and no readjusting.  God is good!”

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