Elizabeth Fawcett – Healing From 3rd degree Burns and Infection

On March 17th, 2019, Elizabeth Fawcett tells us of her healing testimony from 3rd degree burns and infection.

“I remember only snippets of what happened because I was so young. They say that significant events are the most memorable though. This was significant for a young Liz of age 4 or 5. I remember Point Farms camp ground only by some memories of the campsites and the programs they ran in the event centre; I do remember our family friends camping with us; I remember laughing and playing with my sisters. I actually remember falling in the fire. After that I remember only a flurry of activities that involve me being grabbed by an adult and held under the water taps while other adults wrapped me in towels and put me in a mini-van. I remember the look of worry on Cathy’s face as she closed the door to the van and her daughter held my sisters back. The next thing I remember was being in the hospital on a bed that seemed really high in the air, like a bunk bed, and being in only a t-shirt and underwear – I remember feeling uncomfortably under-dressed. The next thing I remember was being back home and going into the emergency room in our little hospital and the doctor checking out my foot, I have clear memories of the burnt skin hanging on the bottom and edge of my foot. The next memory is being in a little red wheel chair and my dad’s house-coat strap being the only thing keeping me in that chair. I remember being allowed to go down the driveway in my red wheel chair to wait with the girl my mom babysat. When her bus picked her up I managed to get back to the house fine but sat at the bottom of the one big step crying and yelling for mom since I couldn’t get in the house myself. I don’t really remember anything more than that as a child. When I was in my mid-teens I looks down at my hand and saw a dark mark on it. I thought that it was new and it freaked me out. This was the first time that I realized I had a scar and Mom explained where I got the scar from. There are a few pictures here and there of me in my little red wheel chair, and Dad’s robe strap holding me in. Most of the memory gaps surrounding me falling into a campfire were filled in by my parents who had a whole other perspective on the event. My mom later told me that she was supposed to go to a ladies’ retreat the days following my accident and was obviously unable to attend. She called the organizers and it turns out I became one of the serious topics of prayer that weekend; nothing like a couple hundred ladies praying for a child – I’m sure the sweetest sound to God’s heart. My home church was also praying fastidiously for my healing and the care of my family; our church understood the element of lifting up their children to the Great Healer as myself and a few other kids my age had already suffered some serious health issues in our young lives.  During my tenure in the little red chair, the 3rd degree burns on my feet had become infected and our wonderful family doctor had us visiting his house daily in off-hours to change the bandages. After a horrible few days of infection, Doctor Bill had a very pointed conversation with my parents about what would happen if the infection didn’t subside. I remember heading to their house in the country and getting put in a chair on the wrap-around porch where he changed the bandages. Whether this was the moment or one of others, I don’t know, but my parents inform me that barely a day after the conversation about the infection, Doctor Bill pulled off the bandages to find new, pink skin and no infection. Doctor Bill didn’t have an explanation but Mom sure did and she wasn’t afraid to tell him of how hundreds of people praying to a Healer God would do it. Doctor Bill had been my doctor since I was a few months old and eventually started calling me the miracle baby. God used the health issues of my young life and my parents faith and fortitude to reach this wonderful doctor for Jesus. All in all, I was in that wheel chair for only 2 weeks after receiving 3rd degree burns on my backside and feet plus the gangrenous infection. I don’t know where Doctor Bill is today but I know where I am and where my family is. We celebrate that God healed me and often I try to contemplate the depth of love that God could have for me specifically to have brought me out of a childhood filled with illness and clumsiness. I still struggle with understanding who He heals but that’s where faith comes in and I regularly remind myself that God has a plan for my life and if I keep falling into the strength of that plan, no matter how much I mess it up, He will unravel it and me to His ultimate glory and testimony.”


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