Gisela Jones – Healing From Caffeine Addiction and Migraines

On March 24th, 2019, Gisela Jones tells us of her healing from a caffeine addiction and migraines.

“I want to give praise and glory to my Lord for who he is and for what He has done for me. Many years ago He healed me from severe migraines. Never knowing when the pain would strike, had to retire into a dark room and suffer. We had 3 young children who needed my care. I had become a born again, Spirit filled believer and for the first time in my life started to read and study the Bible. Discovered that I could ask Jesus to heal me, had learned to pray and found those amazing words “ask and it shall be given.” My faith was reaching new heights, being a new Christian, had just learned this does  apply to me! One day I just asked the Lord Jesus to heal me from the migraines. I heard His voice by a very strong impression STOP drinking coffee…I had enjoyed a cup or 2 each day. I thanked Him right there and then for my healing, also expecting deliverance from the coffee habit. The Lords mercy touched my faith right then. I have NEVER had another migraine in close to 40 years now, also never  wanted another coffee. Closing with Psalm 103: 1-4: Praise the Lord my soul, all my being, praise His holy Name! Praise the Lord my soul and do not forget His kindness. He forgives all my sins and He heals all my diseases!”

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