Gisela Jones – Healing From Heart Attack

On May 26th, 2019, Gisela Jones shares her healing testimony from her heart attack.

“Scripture Isaiah 12:4  And on that day you will say “give thanks to the Lord. Call upon His Name , declare and make known His deeds among the peoples of the earth.Proclaim that His Name is exalted.” It has been 18 years now since I was miraculously healed from a heart attack. It started when I suddenly had great trouble breathing, then my chest also started to hurt. It happened on a Saturday. And I had plans to drive to Woodstock to take part in a women’s conference. When I told Jim, my husband about the pain he said “no conference” and  insisted that we go to hospital to get this looked at right away. When we arrived at UH  I was immediately rushed into a room full of all sort of diagnostic equipment. My blood pressure was well over 200 and I had trouble  speaking because breathing was difficult because of the pain. More tests followed and I can still hear the doctor saying”you are in the middle of a heart attack!” I was going to be admitted. Jim was sent home to pick some things which I would need. Before Jim left , I asked him to phone some of my praying friends, also the ladies in Woodstock,  any of whom I knew personally to pray for me. In the hospital more tests followed several hours later the doctor returned  and said with a beaming smile “we don’t know what happened, but you don’t have a heart attack, you are free to go home!” All of my vital signs were normal and the pain too was gone! I went downstairs. Waiting for Jim to come in with the bag. When he saw me his face registered a mixture of shock and surprise, asking “are you escaping? ” No, I said, I am healed! He had left a prayer request for me with the ladies in Woodstock. I have a recording of that great intercession, in tongues going up to my Abba in Heaven on my behalf. This experience brought the importance of intercessory prayer into my life. Scripture Ephesians 6:18 do. all this in prayer, asking for the Lords help. Pray on every occasion as the Spirit leads. Never give up, pray always for all of Gods people.”

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