Gisela Jones – Healing From Left Shoulder Pain

On July 28th, 2019, Gisela Jones shares another testimony of the healing of her left shoulder pain.

“One day several years ago, I twisted my left shoulder by reaching backwards in the car – I heard a pop and much pain followed. I was no longer able to lift my arm above elbow level and sleeping on my left side was very painful. I tried Physio, ultrasound and eventually cortisone shots and of course I prayed and believed that God would heal it. Even so,  the pain continued for several years. Then one Sunday while in church here at Open Door I got my miracle! In the middle of the service a word of knowledge came through a dear woman: “The Lord is healing someone from a bad shoulder and this person has an appointment for a cortisone shot in the next few days”. I knew this was for me since not only did I have a bad shoulder I also had an appointment for a cortisone short a couple of days later. I cautiously raised my left arm all the way – no pain – no more restriction – I was healed! I knew the Lord wanted me to be a witness for Him with this testimony. When I saw my doctor for the cortisone shot, I told him I did not need it any more or ever! I asked him if he believed in divine healing and to my surprise he said he did. Next I told my physio-therapist, but my biggest opportunity came when we were part of a Sunday school class at a main-line church in Florida. It was the first time we had attended the class and the pastor was teaching. He said that although the Lord still heals today but only through the medical profession and medication. Holy Sprit was prompting me to tell my story so I waited until the pastor stopped speaking. I raised my healed arm and asked to tell of my divine healing. After receiving permission, I gave my testimony. I am sure that he was surprised to hear that Dr. Jesus is still in business. Afterward, the pastor’s wife said to me “Is that why you always raise your arms during worship?” It is my way of praising Him for two healthy arms! I am very grateful for the healing of my shoulder and also for the “divine setups” to share of His love and healing powers with everyone who wants to listen. Ps. 105 Give thanks to the Lord. Call on His Name. Make known among the nations what He has done! Sing praise to Him, sing praise to Him. Tell of all His wonderful acts.”

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