Dec 23, 2012

It was the second day of our Christmas shut down at work. I had a couple of installations on the go. Day one of the shutdown, December 22nd, I stayed home with the flu. Tired, anxious and still sick, I made my way back into work, making up the difference with caffeine. By 9:00 PM, I had enjoyed 10-12 cups of coffee or tea and was winding down on my La-Z-Boy prior to heading for bed. My heart started to do flippity-flops—and it was not subsiding. Karen called an ambulance and off to emergency I went.

The diagnosis was atrial fibrillation. Not life threatening, but a little scary to the one not sure of all that was happening. The doctors and nurses were amazing, so kind, so intelligent—so half our age. Intravenous drugs were administered. There was a 50/50 chance that this would reset the wonky rhythm, but I just happened to be in the other 50%. After about six hours, the decision was made to get the paddles out and shock my heart back into a normal rhythm. Prior to the zapping, several tests were run, one of which was an ultrasound. During the procedure the cardiologist noticed that the walls separating the chambers of my heart were thicker than normal, suggesting a long term blood pressure issue. Anyway, the shock was successful, my heart was back in normal rhythm and home I went.

There was a couple of obvious “take homes” from the experience, but the one that I wasn’t expecting was an appointment with a cardiologist to run a complete echocardiogram series to quantify the condition of my heart.

Jan 6, 2013

Brother Alan Thorner was the guest speaker at our church that Sunday morning. There were about 400 of us in the audience that morning. He stopped right in the middle of a thought and said that the Holy Spirit had just impressed upon him that someone in the audience had something going on with their heart and that the Lord wanted to heal them. Instantly I felt a pain in my left side—it was my wife elbowing me to stand up, so I stood up. Eight or ten of us stood up. I only know my story so far. Graciously, several brothers and sisters gathered around to pray for me and lay hands on me. I didn’t feel anything physical, but certainly it was a time of almost overwhelming love and warmth. If this was a glimpse of Heaven, I could spend an eternity there, no problem.

Jan 15, 2013… The echocardiogram series.

Jan 30, 2013… The results from the echocardiogram series.

My heart is completely within normal limits—no thickening of any walls. WE DO SERVE A GOOD GOD.

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