Kendra Axord – Healing From Back Injury

On March 10th, 2019, Kendra Axford tells us of God healing her back injury.

“My healing testimony takes us back to the Summer of 1988.  I was working at Western in the Department of Economics.  A group of grad students and professors were trying to get an Economic Dept baseball team put together to join a group of other teams to have some fun, non-competitive games throughout the summer so they asked me if I would be a part of the team.   I told them that I was not very good at baseball, but they were desperate for female players, and they assured me that the games were solely to have a fun time and it would not be competitive. So, I agreed.  Then there was the decision of what position I would play.  I couldn’t throw very far so being an outfielder was out of the question.  I was thinking that maybe the shortstop position would have been the best spot for me, but the team decided that since it was slow pitch and since it was non-competitive, the best place for me would be the back catcher!!?? The summer was going along well, and I was actually enjoying the games until the day we played the Psychology Dept, and the non-competitive atmosphere vanished, and the battle of the social sciences began. A fairly big guy came up to bat.  And he hit it far.  I could tell by how fast he was running and how his teammates were cheering him on that he was intent on making this a homerun.  So, I thought, this was my big moment!!  I knew that the ball was going to be coming to me, so I stood on home plate (mistake) and focused my attention solely on the ball. I heard him coming.  But I had no idea WHAT was coming!  I didn’t end up catching the ball…. instead, I was hit hard from the side and sent flying through the air, and I hit the backstop (which was a few feet behind me), and then slid down the backstop and landed on my bottom. That moment began a life with a very bad lower back.  I no longer could sit, stand, or walk for long periods of time without pain.  I needed relief!!  So, I decided to go to a chiropractor, and he showed me what was wrong.  He had me sit with my legs straight out in front of me and showed me, with my legs straight, that now my legs were not aligned—one leg now looked quite a bit shorter than the other leg because my hips were now crooked from the damage done to my lower back area.  So, I would go to him 2 or 3 times a week to get an adjustment.  When I left his office, I would feel relief, but the feeling would not last long.  It was encouraging to me that he could give me relief but having to get adjustments so frequently just wasn’t the best solution. Now, I will fast forward through four painful years to Aug 1992.  There was a guest speaker coming to the church we attended who had the gift of healing.  Derek and I decided to go to the meeting.  The guest speaker spoke, and then he told us to get into groups of 3 or 4 and pray for each other.  I explained to the people in my group what had happened to my lower back/hip area and then showed them how my legs weren’t aligned and appeared to be considerably different in length, and with me sitting on the pew with my legs straight out in front of me, people in the group started praying for me.  I had my eyes closed as people were praying, and then I had a thought come to my mind:  it was one of the points the guest speaker had said earlier.  He said, “I encourage you to keep your eyes open as you pray so you can see what God is doing”.  After having that thought, I immediately opened my eyes and, at that moment, I can’t describe the feeling I had… wasn’t a tingling/burning sensation or anything like that..….I just knew that something was going on in my lower back/hip area, but it was what I SAW that totally amazed me (and I am so thankful that God reminded me to open my eyes so that I could see the healing literally happening before me!!). I saw my leg that looked shorter become aligned with the other leg… right there on the pew… and that night changed my life.  The days of living with a painful back and expensive time-consuming visits to the chiropractor were gone!! For days after, I must admit, I couldn’t believe it had really happened.  And multiple times in a day, even though I had no pain, I would sit down and put my legs out in front of me just to check to see that they really were still aligned.  And they were and they still are today!! And it wasn’t until a few days later when we went with some friends to Cedar Point and I spent the whole day at the park, pain free, that it really became solidified in my mind that God had truly healed me.  I could never have walked all day at Cedar Point the four previous years…I could barely do an hour walking around a mall without pain..….so I knew without a doubt that day, and I was so thankful, and I rejoice today that God healed me!!”

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