Knees Healed

Testimony from Coni and Diego Upeyui

Diego and Coni attended English as a Second language class at Lorne Ave. Public School.

One day their writing teacher seemed a little sad. Diego asked him why he looked this way and he said that he had a lot of pain in his knees. He informed them that he went to the doctor who felt that surgery was required but he would have to wait for about a year. Diego and Coni immediately knelt and put their hands on his knees and prayed stating that Jesus overcame sickness and diseases on the cross of Calvary. The teacher laughed and would not believe that healing could take place. Coni and Diego kept praying together, not giving up and sharing the gospel through their writing assignments.

At the beginning of this year the teacher stated that it was important to write about many different subjects and different religions. When Coni handed in her next writing assignment it stated “I’m sorry but I will only speak that I live in Christ, I do not live anymore but Christ lives in me”.

A few weeks ago their teacher told Coni and Diego that it was time for his surgery and that he would be absent for a few days. He seemed nervous but Coni told him that God is in control. He informed Coni that he did not like anesthesia and was unsure if he would awake again. Coni encouraged him by saying that Jesus can give him brand new knees and informed him that they would continue to pray. They both prayed for a miracle.

He was back in class without taking time off and informed Coni that when he went into the surgery room the doctor told him he did not need and operation. There was nothing wrong with his knees and exercise was all that would be required. He told that class that as soon as he heard the news he remembered Diego and Coni knelling and praying for his knees. He then told the class, “It’s a miracle!”

The teacher tells Coni every day, “I have no pain” as he is lifting his knees. He says, “Coni my life has totally changed. It is totally different. I now believe in Jesus. It is a miracle. My knees feel like a child’s again.”

Their teacher’s background of philosophy made it hard for him to believe in God. But the miracle was the turning point. When the doctor told him the surgery was not needed he had a vision. He saw Coni praying for him.

Coni and Diego’s hope and prayer is that someday their teacher will come and share his story himself.

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