Mike Mathieu – Healing From Drug Addiction

On June 2nd, 2019, Mike Mathieu shares how he got healed from severe drug addiction.

“For those of you who don’t know me my name is Mike Mathieu, I have been coming to open door since 2012, that is when I gave my heart to the Lord. Some things you may not know about me are, the fact that before I became a Christian I lived a very fast paced life. Just to recap I was involved with gangs, in and out of prison, and hard core addicted to drugs. You name it, I did it. One of the nastiest drugs that I ever got involved in was painkillers, which is synthetic heroin. There were 5 times that I tried to take myself off them only to go into the worst withdrawal ever each time and the only way to end it was to pick up the phone and call the drug dealer to get more.

About a year after giving my heart to the Lord, I was still using opiates and every Sunday I would use and come to church high, knowing full well it was wrong but just couldn’t come off due to the withdrawals I knew I would be facing. Which could last up to a month if you were lucky.

But I felt this strong desire to come off so I asked one of the elders at open door if he could pray for me, I told him that I was using drugs but really felt that it was time to be done with them. So without judgement he prayed a simple little prayer, “Father, heal Mike of this addiction.”

The next day I woke up I knew something had happened. The withdrawals were very minimal and the desire to use drugs was gone. God super naturally healed me of all my drug addictions.

After that experience I really started walking with the Lord. But It wasn’t always easy for me, I spent a lifetime with my old friends, and now I was facing having to let go of these friends to try and make new ones. The following year was an up and down struggle. I remember one day I came home from work, and my body was sore, I was in a bad mood feeling sorry for myself, and I remember yelling up at my ceiling in my kitchen, yelling at God, “I don’t want this God crap anymore!!!” Then there was a beep beep, it was text message on my phone. So I looked and it was my mom, she said, “What’s wrong??” I was like “What do you mean what’s wrong??”  How does she know something is wrong?? So I called her and asked her what do you mean what’s wrong and she told me “God told me that you didn’t want Him anymore.”

“Mom thank you, I have to go.” I got down on my knees and apologized to God and I’ve never looked back. God is real, He loves us and he will never stop pursuing us. We can try and run from God, but he will never leave us or forsake us.”


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